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au3 script vs compiled exe??

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I've been using autoit for years now and I totally love it. But we don't have nice GUI design features like for example C#... so I'm trying to switch to run my scripts from the command line and just pass what I need as arguments instead of dealing with FD.exe or blindly modifying my GUI in scite whenever I want to add a new feature. who needs GUIs anyway, right?? :P So my question is, are there any drawbacks if I run my uncompiled scripts like this > AutoIt3.exe myScript.au3 rather than running the compiled .exe? ... I also noticed that au3 doesn't seem to compile the script but just run it... so I'm concerned about possible memory problems/performance issues etc.

TL;DR are there any drawbacks if I run the uncompiled scripts from the command line versus running the compiled .exe?


Thanks and Peace!

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