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laptop keyboard stroke triggered by a midi keyboard using Autoit

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Hello Everybody

hope anyone can tell me if Autoit is the tool to solve an opposit laptopkey to midi key issue.

set up:
A midi keyboard is connected to a laptop.

On the midi keyboard a one octav-range (8 note and 5 ½note) is selected to be triggers.

Each of the 13 triggers on the midi keyboard shall now bebe assigned to 13 specific letter-keys on the laptops.

When anyone use a windows virtual piano, or any of all those online virtuel machines, samplers, musicboxes
that mostly is operated by the laptops keyboards. Now its time for me to make this trick since i use music machines a lot to make cool sounds.

Question: Why
I can make any of the sound i find online in my midi software people may ask,?
however, that takes a lot of time to twist and squeeze a basic sound to the right state
The last online music virtual box i used had 100 or more cool sounds with effect that would takes years to make myself.
A trigger from a real midi board to press the virtual letter key and you can now play the cool sounds like a real piano Which i do have too :-)

Hope this is the right place to ask.

Thank in advance for any help to my task


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