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I am creating a pretty simple script where it opens a program and a keystroke opens the window to full screen. First off, I want the program to go to full screen as soon as window is open. Second is, window (taskbar button) has no set name. The program is MusicBee and the program shows the current track playing on the taskbar button. So I can't assign a name. Also, setting a time sometimes works and sometime doesn't depending on load time. Is there any way to send keystroke as soon as window opens? Without setting a time... Thanks


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No, that doesn't work. I imagine because I have the program open to full screen, showing the windows task bar. The Hotkey "f" is what opens it to full full screen, hiding the task bar. I need Autoit to recognize the program as soon as it is open and even if it isn't the "active" window. Sometimes it is just opens, and clicking it with the mouse makes it active.

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