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Installing OS with MODIFIED ISO files Project

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Hi everybody;

I may open this header wrong pleace. I registered new user!if i did open wrong pleace,  I apology from you

I am from Turkey and need your help.. I am a teacher at middle school at Turkey! I am interested in Multiboot Systems ; this is my forum header


as you know , there are much methods to install OS to computer

1-WIM install method

2-Installation from ORJINAL ISO

3-Installation with Firadisk Method

4-Installation with NT6 Method

 I am using WIM method now...at second method, we must use ORJINAL ISO files from Microsoft Web Site at Orjinal ISO method .

At second option(Installation from Orjinal ISO) ; I am using this WINPE boot.wim files : Bootiso86.wim and bootiso64.iso

and  I mounted this WIM files with GIMAGEX program; I added setup_windows.exe file to \Windows\sytem32\  folder



and then I called it from :winpeshl.ini

I am using it in WINPE files calling it

when I call setup_windows.exe , I am showing Orjinal ISO file and it is going on installation OS without problem..ok..there is no problem here

but if I choose a MODIFIED ISO like  ( does not have manually upgrade files  in ISO file) it is giving error massage and I can't go on installation OS!

I know that, ISO file must be ORJINAL and can't be deleted Manually upgrade files...but Modified OS developers are deleting Manually upgrade files,so installation can not be successfull...This is a mofied ISO file folder structure pictures


So, how can I call MODIFIED ISO file and can go on installation without any error message with setup_windows.exe (for 32bit) and setup_windows64.exe  (for 64bit) files autoit script file

can anyone codify autoitscript  file for me?

Or can anyone DECOMPILE setup_windows.exe and setup_windows64.exe file for me?

It is important for me! İf anyone help me, I will be very happy

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@crasadure please stop re-uploading the same pictures/quoting yourself each time you post; it pads the thread unnecessarily. No one wants to read through the same thing three times.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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