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Whenever i do a control send to this box called "TEdit1" it will type the text in. Then when i hit LOGIN, it always says "The password is incorrect" Is there a reason why the tedit1 box wouldnt recognize the text beeing sent by a controlsend? When i do a "Send("Password")" it doesnt even type the entire password.. Someone please help :/

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Still doesnt work, this is my script


Func _RunMAM()
MouseClick("left", 37, 16, 2)
MouseClick("left", 185, 211, 1)
MouseClick("left", 184, 280, 1)
MouseClick("left", 478, 378, 1)
ControlSend("" , "" , "TEdit1" , "PASSWORD",0)
MouseClick("left", 461, 451, 1)

I tried the send thing u said and nothing.. Someone plz help :/

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