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Rename regedit key with autoit

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Hello i am trying to rename one of my keys  because it's very annoying to create a new rule sometimes i do to avoid do manually all the time i want to start a program in my pc.

Normally i can create it with regwrite.. but now i was trying read the key:

RegRead("The key")

And now i want to replace the name .

Now the name is

("the key was renamed")

Is possible? bye!

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What is the problem with copying?
What about you be a little clearer what you really want to do as I am totally lost why one would want to mess with renaming Registry keys with a script.
So do us all a favor and explain exactly what you want in stead of this vague story in your initial post!


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You are not going to be able to rename without a copy through AutoIt natively, but you can use it to call PowerShell:

ShellExecute("powershell", 'Rename-Item -Path "HKCU:\MyKey1" -NewName "MyKey2"')


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a ok so it's renaming i saw a lot of examples but all of them at last copy the tree of keys and then move it. But i think this method you are really renaming the name. i asked because in my case copying all the content of one key is innecesary when you only need to rename it.

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