ControlSetText overwrites label text

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I am trying to get my labels flicker free when they are updated rapidly (I know, another topic) . I have tried solutions like using $WS_EX_COMPOSITED, the Flicker Free UDF from Beege, increasing the loop sleep, but none were suitable.

I have had the most success with ControlSetText. the label does not flicker, but it does however overwrite the previous text with the new. I have used this in other projects without this issue but I am unable to resolve it this time so am asking for help.

I have attached a producer script with as much as possible stripped out, as it is from a larger project. You'll have to compile it to see the GUI that has the issues.



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I found a bit of a work around for the labels by altering to use inputs as mentioned by KaFu here. There is no flicker or overwrite but I would still like to know why ControlSetText produces the issue it does.


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