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How to InetGet a logged-in page

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G'day everyone

I'm trying to download thousands of pages (JSON, actually) from a web site that shows one thing to users who are not logged in, and another thing to users who are logged in.  I want to download the pages while "logged in".  When I visit these pages in my browser, I get the "logged in" version of the pages, but when I use InetGet, I get the "not logged in" version of the pages.  I thought that since AutoIt uses Internet Explorer, it would work if I simply log in to that web site using Internet Explorer, but that doesn't work.

Is there a way to download web pages, using AutoIt more or less directly, that will get the "logged in" pages?



PS. The test URL I'm using is https://groups.yahoo.com/api/v1/groups/omegat/messages/19034/raw (increment the number).  When not logged in, all e-mail addresses on the page have their domain names removed.

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Thanks for the reply.  In the end, I found another solution: curl with cookies.

Install this extension for Firefox:

Then log in to Yahoogroups with Firefox to create a cookie.  Then export 
your cookies to e.g. "cookies.txt".  Optionally, remove all lines that 
do not begin with "yahoo.com", but I think it's safe to use the entire 
cookie file.

Then test it:
curl -b cookies.txt -4 
https://groups.yahoo.com/api/v1/groups/omegat/messages/19034/raw > 

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I have a similar question. How can I use third-party cookies stored in the cookies.txt file in order to be authorized on the site?

For example, the contents of the cookies.txt file looks like this:

site.ru    TRUE    /    FALSE    2986620187    logged    c5f89049a73fe53449795c1495f8bb1e4fd62c9f%7E1
site.ru    TRUE    /    FALSE    1493224330    authautologin    535b44ec66ae8b23f536c71da82b505653bfd%7E26c8b957f0e2ba3ca2d53f8995b9e306e1119
site.ru    TRUE    /    FALSE    1492057931    session_name    o2v8nees199of2o30lqdmjtob7
site.ru    TRUE    /    FALSE    1578414737    last_visit    1492000337234::1492014737234

Can I use the function InetRead() or InetGet() in order to reading cookies and send a request to the server, so that the authorization will be considered passed?

Thank you

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