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canot copy data usin class

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Hi, sorry for my english

I try to automate an form copy and fill at my work office. I try to cope some employ data ( first name , phone , adress) from a form but at every emply the ID or name of the control is changing or different ( some time the id="uid-ctrl-7"  is id="uid-ctrl-10  or id="uid-ctrl-22   so on..". The only constant atribute is the CLASS of the element. But i canot copy the value of the filed based of the class. I tried various ecample using get collection for the div or watever ...but no succes. Can you help me with a sollution ? Thank you 

<input value="Luigi Sandero" id="uid-ctrl-7" data-field="firstname" data-selenium-test="property-input-firstname" type="text" class="form-control private-form__control private-form__control--inline isInline" data-reactid=".$/=10=2$Properties.$Properties.0.$=$firstname.1">


Thank you all for the great forum

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i came with my test. It is not working..

i tried various examples as the following:

Local $oIE = _IECreate ("")
$tags = $oIE.document.GetElementsByTagName("div")
For $tag in $tags
    $class_value = $tag.className("class")
    If $class_value = "form-control private-form__control private-form__control--inline isInline" Then
      MsgBox(0, "i founs ", "the class ")


note: the class :  form-control private-form__control private-form__control--inline isInline

is the only one atribute who is not changing when i switch the page to another customer even i have same form fields i have to copy values from.


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no one know how to solve this situation..?


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