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TCPStartup ( ) get an error

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i try to use TCPStartup() but i got an error , and here's an error return when i runt he program

ERROR: TCPStartup() [built-in] called with wrong number of args.

TCPStartup ( )


i use beta v3.1.1.91 (beta)

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If you are using SciTe please use Alt + F5 to run it as beta otherwise make sure you have toggled the beta in

Start Menu ---> Programs ---> AutoIt v3 ---> Beta ---> Toggle AU3 Beta

Please repost if this works or not.

AutoIt Smith

Edited by AutoIt Smith
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TCPStartup() should not have any spaces in it.


You should be running the BETA with SciTe Updated as of the download page.


Make sure your definition files are up to date and switched to Beta .91

AutoIt Smith

P.S. Try my TCP Made Easy functions and see if you get the same error when NOT running from SciTe :



$MainSocket = TCPListen(@IpAddress1, 100)
While 1
   $ConnectedSocket = TCPAccept($MainSocket)
   If $ConnectedSocket <> -1 Then
      $Data = TCPRecv($ConnectedSocket)
      If $Data <> '' Then MsgBox(0, "Data Recieved", $Data)
Func OnAutoItExit()
Edited by AutoIt Smith
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