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basic IF help needed

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hey all, i wanna make a file that runs other files @ a specific time


if $cmdline[1] < 500 then

$time = 1000


$time = $cmdline[1]




i can get it to work but if $cmdline[3] doesnt exist, i want it to just process cmdline 1 & 2

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how do you get the $cmdline - array?

$cmdline[?] is a built in array for incoming parameters to the script.


@MCT, This example If block of code may suit your needs ?

If $cmdline[0] = 2 Then

; can use $cmdline[1] and $cmdline[2] here

ElseIf $cmdline[0] = 3 Then

; can use $cmdline[1], $cmdline[2] and $cmdline[3] here


$cmdline[0] Holds the count, so test the incoming parameter count against $cmdline[0] Edited by MHz
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