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Reading text file contents to form

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Is there any way to embed characters/codes/data/etc. within a text file so that when the script reads the text file to populate the edit box, said characters/codes/data/etc. can let the script know this word needs to be capitalized, that word needs to be underscored, etc.?

For example, the text file would contain something along these lines...

<bold>This is the title</bold>

This is a <italic>sample</italic> text file.

This is <underscore>only</underscore> a text file.

Does that make sense?


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try using a rich edit control

autoit comes with a UDF called guirichedit.au3 that you can use, then just create your styled text in wordpad or something and load it with


$sText = FileRead(".\readme.rtf")
_GUICtrlRichEdit_SetText($hRichEdit, $sText)



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