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Found 8 results

  1. Hello guys. I recently saw some posts that Windows 10 provides OCR API. So I decided to create a UDF. What's UWPOCR? UWPOCR UDF is a simple library to use Universal Windows Platform Optical character recognition API. Features. Get Text From Image File. Get Text From GDI+ Bitmap. Easy to use. Usage: #include "..\UWPOCR.au3" _Example() Func _Example() Local $sOCRTextResult = _UWPOCR_GetText(FileOpenDialog("Select Image", @ScriptDir & "\", "Images (*.jpg;*.bmp;*.png;*.tif;*.gif)")) MsgB
  2. AutoIT-OCRSpace-UDF1.3.zip This tiny yet powerful UDF will help you to convert Images to text with the help of OCRSpace API version 3.50 . Detect text from a local file. ; ========================================================= ; Example 2 : Gets text from an image from a local path reference ; : Searchable PDF is not requested by default. ; : Processes it using a basic OCR logic. ; ========================================================= $b_Create_Searchable_PDF = True ; Use a table logic for receipt OCR $b_Table = True ; Set your key he
  3. Hello I wondering how to read more complicated text from image with Tesseract or other method. I used this script and it works with simple text on white background I need to read text which looks like this What I need to do? Download fonts or something from there https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract gimme some info please
  4. #include <IE.au3> #include <Tesseract.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <Math.au3> #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <StringConstants.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <ScreenCapture.au3> #include <sound.au3> #Include <WinAPI.au3> #include <Date.au3> $OCR_Result = _TesseractScreenCapture(0,"",1,2,220,660,500,730,1) $OCR_Result1 = _TesseractScreenCapture(0,"",1,2,220,660,500,730,1) $OCR_Result2 = _TesseractScreenCapture(0,"",1,2,220,660,500,730,1) $OCR_Result3 = _TesseractSc
  5. I have a situation where I am repeatedly capturing a region of the screen and feeding it into Tesseract OCR. Since the OCR is a relatively slow operation, I would like to create an in memory cache of the ocr results. An ideal hash key for this cache would be a checksum of the captured image. With this I could capture the region, checksum it, and then only if I don't get a cache hit I would write the image out to disk for external OCR. Now I know I can do this by saving the captured image out to disk, and then summing the disk file with _Crypt_HashFile(). But that's still slower than I
  6. Hello all! With your help I have been able to conquer every problem I've faced thus far in using AutoIt, but I've come across something that I 1) don't fully understand and 2) am not sure how to even begin tackling. I have the following list box in a GUI that I am trying to automate that I cannot read any data from. I have discussed this in a previous thread and tried several solutions, but the conclusion was that OCR would probably be the best way to go. You can see the list info and the list box(the data has been edited out) below: I need to find a way to view the data in the list box and
  7. I have lot's of images like this http://postimg.org/image/uz24d8z27/ http://postimg.org/image/5isx6mc61/ i would like to crop the page number (the arabic number on the top of the page) so it would be something like this ... any ideas ?
  8. OCR = Optical Character Reading Hello all, I am theory crafting here for now and all help is appreciated First of all I would like to remind everyone that i am not a skilled programmer and I am even a slow and poor learner. so if you explain me something please make sure I can understand, I would really be thankful for that. 1. I have a program that allowed browse through a digital online brochure / stock and It always used to work perfectly with pixelchecksum() conversion to database and I got what I wanted but things have changed negatively for me. They Have changed the look of
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