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Found 8 results

  1. 2020/08/16 New Version I've made some changes and fixes to this function: I added the possibility to vary both the thickness of the selector and its color. to customize the appearance and behavior of the tool, you can change the values of some variables in the function listing. See comments on lines 140-170 You can also vary the look of the border by setting a custom dash/space length pattern. Thanks to @UEZ for that. See here for reference. Hope it is free of bugs. (i don't know how to test it to see if it is also DPI aware??) Suggestions for improvements and bug reports are
  2. This is a visual Crop Tool, Version Load the image in the Crop GUIMove the cross-hair to the upper left corner where to start croppingMark the rectangle with left mouse button, releaseAdjust the position with left mouse, release (right mouse = start over)Press enterImage is saved in same folder, same format, with '_cr' added to file nameAs simple as that. Updated script, Visual Crop UDF examples.au3 Visual Crop UDF (No obscuration of non-selected area) Visual Crop UDF (with obscuration) Ver Avoid trespassing the edge of the GUI while selec
  3. UEZ has kindly provided me with code that rotates an image per a line: see here Because I want to trim a photograph after rotation, I need to crop the photo. I wrote code which calls _GDIPlus_GraphicsSetClipRect() to do this, but it places spurious stuff in the corners: see 2.jpg attached. I want only the trimmed photo to show. The original jpeg is also attached. The arguments to _GDIPlus_GraphicsSetClipRect() come from solving 2 simultaneous equations: if a and b are the width and height of the original photo, find x and y, the width and height of the rotated and cropped
  4. Version


    Easily Crop a picture to a wanted dimension and set your Windows desktop background wallpaper without stretching or distorting it. Drag'n drop a Picture for load it. Drag it for position it and use mouse wheel for zoom - unzoom it.(TouchPad users need to plug a Mouse ) Select dimensions and format you want for save your wallpaper. Pictures with transparency are supported. By default Pictures are saved on your desktop. Tips : Hold Left Ctrl key for move the photo more slowly. Hold Left Shift key for move the photo more quickly. Hold Left Shift key for Zoom/UnZoom more quickly. Ho
  5. I have lot's of images like this http://postimg.org/image/uz24d8z27/ http://postimg.org/image/5isx6mc61/ i would like to crop the page number (the arabic number on the top of the page) so it would be something like this ... any ideas ?
  6. WallpaperCropper Easily Crop a picture to a wanted Screen dimension and set your Windows desktop background wallpaper without stretching or distorting it. Does your desktop background picture look stretched ? Do you find it time-consuming to crop pictures to the right proportions for your desktop ? WallpaperCropper is the solution. Crop and set any picture easily to your desktop dimensions in some few clicks. Don't waste time loading big, slow photo-editing software to manually crop it or resize it. Don't stay stuck with t
  7. This is my attempt on loading and let the user select only a portion of an image. I found some samples by Melba23 and UEZ and tried to glue things together. I think I've almost done it but still have some problems: Resizing and displaying image is not always proportional (just try the script with different resolution images, expecially big ones) The rectangle selection to crop is wrong: it actually selects a different region of the screen Function _GUICtrlStatic_SetImage does not work. Temporarily fixed using _WinAPI_DeleteObject instead...Any hint would be greatly appreciated! #include <
  8. Hi there.. I want to work on a image review tool. The basic idea of this tool is to review some GUI applications (developed in any language) and give comments to the developer with reference to the part of the GUI, I am making comment on. The final report with comments needs to be in MS Excel. My idea is first run the application under review and get the GUI. Then using AutoIT place a transperant layer over it (could be on whole of the desktop size also) then mark a rectangle with a cross mouse icon on interested area, get the image of that area from the GUI beneath the transparent layer
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