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GUI of hidden IE/notepad Instances

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I tried searching for this, but due to me not really knowing how to explain it in a basic search, it's proven unsuccessful

So what I'm curious about is if Autoit can possibly create a GUI of instances of notepad/IE.
So basically heres what I was thinking:
A GUI with a button for New Instance
Once you click New Instance, it opens in a hidden instance of Notepad or IE (haven't figured out which I want yet)
In the GUI a small window is displayed in which it shows the instance that was opened.  Ideally, I'd like smaller buttons under each visible instance for activate / hide

I'll probably wind up needing to make a picture of what I'm talking about, but I figured maybe if anyone knows what I'm talking about it'd be great lol

The main plan here is to be able to open 10+ instances of each program but without taking any real estate on the control bar.  It'd basically act as a grouper for multiple instances of the program

Please let me know if anyone needs further clarification for this, I know it definitely sounds confusing so I won't be insulted at all lol

Found exactly what I was looking for!
If anyone else was curious it was located here:


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