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How to take a photo with a webcam ?

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i have at one of my job the need to take picture from webcam!

i have a csirpt autoit who do the job!

my solution it to take a software who is able to make a webserver with your webcam there are many software who can do that!

after you got mont the web page and take the picture you see!

veru simple!

i use webcamxp pro for the webcam server! a little service run and serve on a web page your cam!

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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Most web cams will send a bmp picture to a file. Then your AutoIt script can display the picture just like any other bmp using GUICtrlCreatePic. I do not think it is possible to display the video without an additional dll of some kind. But you can use a loop to keep updating the bmp picture.

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thank you for answering.

The aim is to avoid to use the software of the webcam.

Explanation :

I am a president of an association and I have in charge with a little group to make a list (informations about identity and a picture of the face also) of the members of our association. But the little group who work with me isn't very good in taking pictures. I am writing a program to make easier the filling-in of the form and I thought it would be easier also to them if they haven't to launch the software of webcam.

The problem is that I don't know how to integrate the webcam display in a window with a little button to capture in bmp file.

that would be easier for them but it's a hell to me now ! ;-)

thank you if anyone can help me to do it.


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the software for webcam run as service! it always running!

example! your web cam is running on the computer \\

then in your script you open a web page in the script to \\\webcam.asp the user will see your script windows and a box in the bottom of it(if you do like this) with the image coming from webcam! refresh 15 time in a seconde! then your grab the picture with your script!

i think you don't understand me correctely! because it a very nice solution!

you can have 1 webcam and many user can access it! in the same time to grab picture!

or have many webcam!

at my work this system is used to grab photo of new client to make member card!

i got 1 webcam for 3 computer at the reception! any of the receptioniste can take a picture very easely with my script!

webcamXP is one of the most popular webcam software for private and professional use. it offers unique features and unequaled ease of use to let you broadcast / manage your video sources or secure your company with up to 10 video sources per computer. the software supports all video for windows / WDM sources and most file-based or ip based sources (providing jpeg stream).

the configuration is very easy to use! in this software!

and you can go directely with webcam for security purpose who have web server integrated! and can broadcast is picture everywhere! very expensive! about 1000$

then the other solution is about: webcam 20$ and software about 70$ is not very expensive!

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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for my knowlege you will not be able to comunicated directely with the webcam! until you can code a script who is able to talk with WDM in windows! to contact the webcam!

this is not very easy script your asking for! im not sure it is possible to do it!

the webcam software who run in the backgroud as service give you this communication with the WMD comming from webcam! you can send command to the webcam but you see everything the webcam see! and no software except your script will be see by the user!

try it! you will see!

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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