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Hello :) i was wondering on how to set a msgbox always on top, i want to make a fun little spammer for facebook, so i made this :


Global $1, $2, $3, $4, $6, $77

$1 = MsgBox(1,"Spammer2000","Pentru a continua apasa OK")

If $1 = 1 Then
    $2 = InputBox("Spammer2000","Ce vrei sa ii scrii persoanei ? ")
    $3 = InputBox("Spemmer2000","De cate ori vrei sa ii trimiti mesajul ?")
    $6 = MsgBox(0,"Spammer2000","Apasa butonul OK dupa care selecteaza persoana din lista de FB pe care doresti sa o spamezi, Asteapta pana se trimite tot mesajul.")


    WinWaitActive("pulaaa","",5)   ; My crappy delay
    Send($2 & "{ENTER}")
$77 = $77 + 1
Until $77 = $3



The red msgbox is the problem, i want that line to be always on top.

I did try the Set state.. set win active.. win wait active.. but when i click any other window, it just removes the on top attribute.



Im new to this, so it might be simple.. but i just don't know how to approach it... 


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@Katszzu you seem to have walked by the forum rules on your way in. I suggest you read them now before posting again, and you will see why this thread is locked. We don't support such "Joke/spam/spoof" nonsense.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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