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Multiple mouse actions simultaneously

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Hi all,

I'm new to AutoIT and currently I'm writing a simple script which opens a chat window, marks all the text and copies the content to a file. Sounds simple enough, right?

The problem is that I need to mark all the text via mouse because CTRL+A has no effect in this window. It's an awful "special" chat client which doesn't support the most basic keyboard navigation/handling.  No problem, I can use MouseClickDrag. Unfortunately I also have to scroll down because the conversation is normally too long to see at once. So I need to mark the text via mouse AND simultaneously scroll down. Or at least I need it to scroll down while holding the mouse button after it reaches the destination coordinates.

So if I do something like this:

MouseClickDrag($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, $outputPos[0], $outputPos[1], $outputPos[0] + 1630, $outputPos[1] + 810, 50)
MouseWheel($MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN, 10)

It stops marking the text area when it reaches the destination coordinates and THEN scrolls down. How can I accomplish this?


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Try ControlGetText first, if that doesn't work MouseDown and MouseUp should do what you are wanting.

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