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Send into a local variable. Possible?

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Snippet from my code:


"Local $weight =  _IEGetObjById ($oIE,"Weight")
  Local $contents = _IEGetObjById ($oIE,"Contents")

  _IEFormElementSetValue ($trackingnumber,"number")
  _IEFormElementSetValue ($sender,"Sender")"


As you can see from these lines of code a local variable has ben declared and value set via IE commands. 

Unfortunately the website I test on depends on keystrokes. For security I completely understand but for automating its a bit frustrating considering I am tasked to make this happen.  My question. Can i modify this to "send" my values into my local variables or would I have to write this oer from scratch to just use mouse movement/keyboard strokes?


any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you. 

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