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_WinAPI_ReadDirectoryChanges() and ProccessClose()

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so, testing with _WinAPI_ReadDirectoryChanges() example, I see that _WinAPI_CreateBuffer() is used but _WinAPI_FreeMemory() is not called on the OnAutoItExit() part of the code, probably AutoIt cleans it self.

So what is my question?, due it's "only in synchronous mode" operation, if I, repeatedly, processClose() the PID, will I crash the PC over time due to the buffer reserved for, now no one ?, or will the OS reclaim all that after ProcessClose() ?

Your experience with kernel32.dll is greatly appreciated.  ( see forum/topic/167024-rdc-udf-readdirectorychanges-wrapper/?do=findComment&comment=1351378 for the original dilemma I'm trying to handle ) 

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