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Automating mobile apps

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We are a development company writing a mobile application. I'd like to add automation testing for the mobile app. I know AutoIt can drive mobile emulators and I know that doing this for games is banned. Rest assured I'm not planning to automate games.

However, every post I see on the forum that mentions android emulators (such as Memu, BlueStacks etc) get locked with a warning that driving games is banned.

Is there a recommended way of automating mobile apps that will be accepted by the community here?


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If you develop for Android Devices an alternative would be use Adb...

This old post have some examples(very bad code) but you will get the idea, you will see how to emulate touch on android with ADB.

Kind Regards

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post 15 in above and search for adb.

Nowadays i have the luxury of hp uft and mobile labs deviceconnect to deal with android and ios.

My advice for android use espresso and for ios use xctest as i assume you build native apps or go for the more expensive cost at least initial startup cost with uft and mobile labs.

Or start building a udf in autoit depending on the knowledge you have in your company

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