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Select an item from a listbox - newbie

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Please be gentle, I am new to this.

I am trying to automate the installation of a vendors application that can not be installed silently in the usual way (msi etc) so I am using AutoIT for the first time.

I have managed to use the AutoIT Windows Info to get most of the information I require when the answer is mainly next, Yes, enter etc.

However I am now stuck. I need to highlight an item on a list (AutoIT Windows info tells me it's a ListBox) but I can't find the correct function in order to do this. It seems to have sprung from really simple to really complicated.

Could anyone explain how to do this is really simple terms?

Please and thank you.

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@Kirky welcome to the forum. Can you please post the information from the Window Info Tool for the listbox? I am guessing it will be a  combination of ControlGetHandle and _GUICtrlListBox_ClickItem, but the window info tool will help immensely.

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I'm really sorry to sound stupid but scripting is new to me and so even though you have kindly given me some pointers jdelaney I still can't work out what to do!!!

Please could you possibly write what you have suggested in to a small script which shows me how to use the functions you suggested and I can then replace the values with those that are relevant to my project?

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