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MouseClick on selected element in treeview

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I am struggling with finding the appropriate co-ordinate for each element present in a treeview. The treeview is not Systreeview32 but it is developed in .Net (Class:WindowsForms10.Window.8)

So the treeview is not operated with the AutoIT built-in functions. I am handling it with Send keys i.e Send("{SPACE}"), Send("{DOWN}") etc.

My question is: I want to find the co-ordinates of the elements which are present in this treeview. There is a loop which navigates all elements in treeview and I want to click on each element one by one.

I tried mouse related functions i.e. MouseMove($pos[0],$pos[1],0) and MouseClick("left", 571, 293, 2) but as obvious it won't move to next element. 

I need to use the counter and pass it to MouseClick function.

I observed that there is a difference of 10 - 15 pixels (not fixed) for each element in my treeview.

Please suggest the solution.


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