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Autoitlauncher 1.0 software - run autoit scripts from pictures

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Autoitlauncher 1.0 Software - is a 3d power tool.

To use Autoitlauncher tool, It required that you did install autoit on your system, if this it done you are ready to go.

Autoit is a elegant programmable scripting languages that can automate and simulate your keyboard,joystick or mouse device. 

(you can reduce repetitive movements with autoit macro scripts)


Long ago I did want to execute autoit scripts from images (without focus the windows)  that can send keystrokes combinations to any applications. 

Now I did find the right software that can do that from picture buttons and it is everything in 3d.

You can :

  • Create a set of pictures in 3d (card,Disk,Cube,Cylinder,Sphere)
  • Choose the pictures files and Sound files.
  • Select a picture and then write direct an simple or complex autoit script in the command editor. 
  • Save and Restart Autoitlauncher and then you can direct execute the autoit codes by pushing the images with your mouse or touch device.



With Autoitlauncher you can Run autoit scripts from pictures in 3d.

Autoitlauncher old vs new popupmenu.jpg

You can simple push these buttons with your mouse or touch device. And it will direct execute the autoit scripts (native)

You can show and hide the launcher into the mouse pointer or leave it static on your desktop.




With autoitlauncher you can make in 3d your own:

  • Multi Clipboard launchers.
  • Multi Selectors Popup Menu's launchers.
  • Taskbar launchers.
  • Toolbar launchers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts macro launchers.
  • Make buttons for Select text from everywhere, and the computer find automatic out where it can do in one button click a google search with query parameters.
  • Make buttons for Select text from anywhere, and do direct in one button click, translate that text into your favorite languages.



Autoit Example Launcher with Clipboard and button icons.jpg



If you want to now what are the best autoit commands in autoit languages, then look to HotKeySet vs HotStringSet





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