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5 hour web-based check list needs automation

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I would like to automate a web-based check list for publishing our client websites that currently takes 5 hours to fill out. There are 30 "publish" links but I can only publish one site at a time. Each site takes b/w 10-30 minutes to publish. When a site is publishing, the check list page is in a state of completion (i.e. the progress bar is moving to the right in the bottom browswer) until the page refreshes and reads "done" at the bottom. How can I automate this process? Its painful! :P

salvaggio at gmail.com

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Check out IE.au3 here:


If you are willing to dive into that, you might be able to automate the task in such a way that no windows (except the ones that you want) show up... and you can do other things on your system while the script runs.

If IE.au3 is a bit too much for you at the moment, bore yourself with this rather long post:



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