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Hi Everyone,

I'm writing a script where i want to search for a certain pixel (color1) and if this color isn't found i want the script to search for another pixel (color2).
If the script finds one of these 2 colors i want it to continue a certain action. If none of the 2 colors was found I want it to error (and start the loop over).
Hope you smart people on this forum can help me out. Cuz im new to scripting :/

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Yes, we can help you out. Search the forum for PixelSearch, then try out some of the examples you'll find for yourself. Or, post a more specific description of the app you're trying to automate, and what you have tried on your own. Please be aware this forum is dedicated to helping people improve their own scripts; it is not a place where you put in an order and someone spoon-feeds you code.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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