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Au3guixp - Need Some Help!

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Below is some code that I've integrated into my MainScript (some 762 lines in all).

$xWindowWidth = 210
$yWindowHeight = 200
$WindowsCurrentResolution = WinGetClientSize("Program Manager")
$xCenterOfScreen = $WindowsCurrentResolution[0] / 2
$yCenterOfScreen = $WindowsCurrentResolution[1] / 2
$WinTitle = "01-XX-XX OTN Options"
$xAlign = 20
$yAlign = 20


EnvSet("GUI","title=" & $WinTitle & "|action=1|w="&$xWindowWidth&"|h="&$yWindowHeight&"|style=" & $WS_CAPTION)

EnvSet("OBJ1","type=label|text=Choose what procedures you want:|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign)

EnvSet("OBJ2","type=checkbox|text=&Setup Windows XP|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign+20)

EnvSet("OBJ3","type=checkbox|text=&Copy Files|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign+40)

EnvSet("OBJ4","type=checkbox|text=&Install Software|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign+60)

EnvSet("OBJ5","type=checkbox|text=Install &OpenOffice|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign+80)

EnvSet("OBJ6","type=checkbox|text=&Associate Files with OpenOffice|x="&$xAlign&"|y="&$yAlign+100)


EnvSet("OBJ8","type=button|text=&Proceed ->|x="&$xAlign+70&"|y="&$yAlign+150&"|w=100|h=20|submit=1|close=1")   


$SetupWinXP = IniRead("au3guixp.ini","GUI","OBJ2","")
$CopyFiles = IniRead("au3guixp.ini","GUI","OBJ3","")
$InstallSoftware = IniRead("au3guixp.ini","GUI","OBJ4","")
$InstallSoftware_OpenOffice = IniRead("au3guixp.ini","GUI","OBJ5","")
$InstallSoftware_OpenOffice_Associate = IniRead("au3guixp.ini","GUI","OBJ6","")

If $SetupWinXP="" AND $CopyFiles="" AND $InstallSoftware="" AND $InstallSoftware_OpenOffice="" AND $InstallSoftware_OpenOffice_Associate="" Then $ExitScript = "TRUE"

Ok, what I'm trying to do is:

1. If 'OBJ4' (InstallSoftware) is unchecked then 'OBJ5' and 'OBJ6' will be disabled.

2. If 'OBJ4' (InstallSoftware) is re-checked then 'OBJ5' and 'OBJ6' will be re-enabled.

3. If 'OBJ5' (InstallOpenOffice) is unchecked then 'OBJ6' will be disabled.

4. If 'OBJ5' (InstallOpenOffice) is re-checked then 'OBJ6' will be re-enabled.

Can any1 help me?

Edited by w_sp8er

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Thank you Larry for your VERY prompt reply.

Now I need to know how to (by default) have 'OBJ2' checked.


YES!!! Larry your code worked like a charm! :whistle:

Edited by w_sp8er

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