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Easy265File is a simple program designed to help you pick what encoding settings would make your video appear with the best quality while keeping the file size small as possible.





It is important to take into account that this preview is not 100% accurate because it does not encode all the video as it should. This gives you a good indication of how it might look.The accuracy of the output preview depends very much on these settings (Options -> Output preview settings) If you think that 3 seconds is not enough, feel free to write bigger value. but do not write a really big number (Because then it's more like encode the entire video) More images:



Easily add folder of videos and videos by dragging: Drag your folder of video and select what files to add from this folder.




Easily mannage the output videos paths and names



Easily set specific settings to specific (selected) files at once



Easily select specific videos with specific settings (Profile X)


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nice work :)


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