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Hello, My English is not good. :)


#include <Date.au3>
MsgBox(0, "", _DateTimeFormat("2017/05/02 12:47:56" , 2))




This date difference is very annoying. 

Why is this happening? A mistake?

Note: @AutoItVersion ;-->v3.3.14.2

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5 hours ago, alien4u said:

Kisa saat and Uzun saat are different, please try to match them...

Kind Regards

I do not have a problem with the clock.(Kisa saat-Uzun saat)
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Well you get what you ask for so AutoIt3 does exactly follow the requested formats.

The Win10 system has :  g.aa.yyyy so you only get 1 digit when the day (g) is one digit.
The Win7 system has :  gg.aa.yyyy so you always get 2 digits for day (gg), even when it's only is one digit. 

Make the format the same on both systems and you will see that AutoIt3 will provide the same output.


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Your problem is not your code or AutoIt. :)

The problem occurs because of a fundamental flaw inside the Windows operating system.  All dates are presented in "Regional" format, to make your life easy.  It does make any type of DATE TIME coding over time zones, or even computers on the same LAN runnign different Regional Settings,  a nightmare.  Microsoft does not support a single, universal, uniform "TODAY" macro to support date and time functions like SQL does.

You either need to get the computers to work the same way, almost always impossible if you cannot directly control those machines.

The only alternative is to use something like DTC by Melba. Link ==> https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/154684-date_time_convert-bugfix-version-27-may-15/




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