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[VB6] Help learning, ugh VB6

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I'm starting to learn the lovely zombie language of VB6 to help support applications at work. I've never done any VB6, or even VBA programming for that matter. Does anyone have any recommended ebooks of or sites?

I've run through some vbtutor.net tutorials, and I see vbforums has an active forum. I've dabbled in C, C++, and BASIC back in the day, but pretty much all of by "serious" programming is in AutoIT.

I've come to appreciate what I have with AutoIT:

Included documentation: help file is provided through MSDN addon. It seems to have ALL of Visual studio, not just VB, so searching typically brings irrelevant results for C++, etc. By comparison AutoIT help is well laid out, with plenty of examples. VB6 is a more common language than AutoIT, so there's plenty of code snippets available online, but AutoIT feels more uniform with all the UDFs and snippets typically found here, with lots of user feedback.

Right off the bat I find I'm having to call more functions via DLL API calls. Even "Sleep" doesn't exist, and one could kludge something up with Timer Control. I never fully understood DLL calls before, so now is as good a time as any. I'm using some of the AutoIT UDFs as a good template to understand some of the calls, complementing what is on MSDN (online).

IDE: Auto Syntax Check pops up a modal message box, which is irritating if you left a line incomplete to copy something off another line. Also I miss the equivalent of "SyntaxCheck Prod". Sometimes errors won't appear until run time. 

Positive would be the ability to step through and edit code as it runs, and the Form designer is more integrated (where Koda develops the form, then just spits out code).

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