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Treeview, Listview and form combination

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I wanted to extend my IUIAutomation thread with some frontends but no clear clue on how to do the following

  1. A project / solution explorer treeview on the left
    solution 1
         Testcase 1
                    group A
                    group B
         Testcase 2
    solution 2
    Number of nested levels can grow and should be configurable to manage your full project
  2. A list with about 4 columns (extensible to more later) where I can edit preferably a drop down box and edit box
    a. element name, b.element action, c.element data, d.element description
  3. A form below the list that show detailed fields about the row selected in the list
  4. sync the UI with the data (which is either in CSV, XML, SQLite or any other table storage)

Intention then is to make some testautomation keyword driven view like firefox selenium IDE has (but offcourse then much better :D)

Not done much with the GUI parts of AutoIt so far and especially number 4 I would like to understand better on how to keep data in sync with listview/treeview. So data that is not shown in the listview where do I keep it and when I select a row in the listview then how to show the related data in the 3. form at the bottom



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End of last year I thought to use a Treeview.  I struggled.  I had some excellent help form the usual friendly folks here on the forums, but in the end I could not get it to work.  I went back to a basic ListView display.

I am willing to help testing TreeViews if you need a tester.  

Most commonly TreeViews seem to be used for file/folder browsing, but I am sure there are other applications.  What I found difficult was to identify the branches and items.  



Why is the snake in the sky?

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and some other postings give me an idea but for me its where to have what regarding the keys that flow around in the GUI (itemdata attribute of treeview etc)

Maybe a little longer explanation

1.  In the treeview I will have some (almost) static data just like a "normal" project explorer like visual studio code editor has. 
     This will be some hierarchical data most likely in an XML or JSON datastore

2. When I click something in the treeview I want to show n related records releated to the selected treeview node

3. When I click something in the listview I want to show the details of the selected record in the listview

4. Sync it / Edit it and saving the related records to a database file (but lets start with just a flat CSV file/ array)


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