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A thanks and a favour...

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I think it must be about 6 months ago when i first posted my tool NvTempLogger here in these forums . Although no particular success , right now it is used by a few thousands of people. It is now an official tool of Guru3d.com and i'm proud of it!

I'd like to say thanks to the whole team cos if it wasn't for AutoIt then none of this would have happened.

It shows that it is quite powerful and can easily compete to other more popular languages...

Of course it isn't the first time i say this...

But, it has limits of course. The favour:

There are lots of mails asking me to implement a D3d OSD support so they can watch (much like FRAPS) temperature while running D3D applications.

I can but only swim in the swallow waters of C++. I tried to figure out myself but it is too much info messing with Direct X SDK. I want to make a dll to call through Autoit and giving it simple text to project on screen.

I know that most of you here are quite familiarized with C++ . So , can you help me with this? Direct me somehow? Or if you have some alternative solutions.

Thanx even for your time reading this.

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