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Hay I'm in a pickle, I'm making an administration tool for our network and i have the user administration aspect well on its way finished, but i also planned to have a remote adminitration aspect to it. However, user's are always logged in and thats all i have setup at this point, so i figure that i'll neeed to create a second application to control the remote administration commands. Now through Active Directory i can run a program while not having a user logged in but at that point i have reached the limit of my understanding of autoit. So i have a few questions. Will autoit be able to run properly if it is ran while no user is logged it (IE login prompt), does it loose any functionality. Is it possible to run things while in that state. This is a weird place because I don't know how to test this. If i can't run things while in that mode, is it possible to enter data into the login cells and login?

Has anyone had any experiance with using autoit in this kind of situation??


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