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Import an object from dll for use in script

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Hello Autoit scripters.  So I may (or may not) have an interesting issue that I would like to learn more about/how to implement, as this is the first time I am attempting something like this.  I have a powershell script that I have already completed, but am trying to convert/re-write to autoit.  In this powershell script, which is an active directory tool, I import and utilize this Active Directory Object Picker dialog object from the provided dll.  I was able to import and utilize the object for my own purposes for use in the powershell script, but trying to do the same in autoit, I am left scratching my head thinking "where do I even begin?  Is there a way to import a class/object from an external dll and then create an object from the imported file?  From some of the research I have done, it appears that the ability to import classes is specific to .NET frameworks.  Can someone confirm/give me a nudge in right direction?

*Edit: Here is this if it helps:


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