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Can't control Pandora window

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I run Pandora on my HTPC for whole house music. I used to be able to control it from my webserver by just passing it URLs that indicated the station I wanted. Now they've changed the software again and I need a new method. Enter AutoIT.

Right off the bat, I have a problem: I want to close any existing Chrome app running before I open a new instance. In the old Pandora, I just could look for the word "Pandora" in the titlebar and close it. NOW they've changed it so that IF a song is playing, the titlebar just contains the name of the current song! I figured, Ok, I'll just use the CLASS: to do it like this:

AutoItSetOption ( "WinTitleMatchMode", 4 )

But it doesn't work! Fortunately, ProcessClose() does.

But now I want to move the window and "click" on some of the controls but it's pretty hopeless unless I can get a handle on the window (pun intended). The IE functions won't be of use to me since I want to run in Chrome browser (has extensions to eliminate ads and "are you still listening" popups). Has anyone had any success controlling Pandora in its latest incarnation?

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