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Sending video record key (Win-Alt-R) in Windows 10

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I have a puzzling issue.  I'm using AutoIT with VBA in Excel to capture an Windows 10 IE browser window with video.  This is done in Win 10 by sending the LWIN-ALT-R keys.  I've got everything working upto the point the recording actually starts.  However, it stops the recording after 2 seconds.  Whereas the video recorder is supposed to continue until the IE window closes.  

I initiate AutoIT in VBA and have a new object:

Dim autoit As AutoItX3
Set autoit = New AutoItX3

My last command in the VBA subroutine is:

autoit.send ("#!r")

Clicking WIN-ALT-R manually works just fine - the entire session is recorded until the browser window (automatically) closes.  

Thanks much in advance for any expert guidance!




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The code is quite large and messy.   Allow me to summarize the steps followed. 

Note: The entire code is built in Excel VBA.  I found out VBA cannot send WIN-ALT-R which is why I turned to AutoIT.  Sending ("#!r") or ("#!{r}"} works correctly, i.e., the red recorder bar shows up on the IE window playing the video.  However it stops after 2 seconds.  Whereas clicking WIN-ALT-R manually keeps the recording going until the IE window playing the video closes.  

1) VBA to identify the right browser window - WORKING

2) VBA to click the link for the video to play - WORKING

3) VBA to identify the pop-up browser window playing the video - WORKING

4) AutoIT (inside VBA) to send ("#!r") or ("#!{r}") to the pop-up browser - WORKING

5) Visually check if the Windows 10 DVR recording bar (red) shows up on the pop-up browser window - WORKING

At this point, the recorder stops after 2 seconds. 

Hope this sheds a little more light?  Thanks again.  

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Have you tested it in other areas? I threw the 


into a random autoit script and it records whatever screen I'm on fine. 

Have you tried doing it outside of VBA? As in using an external script? Or maybe try recording on a different screen to see if that's the problem. This doesn't sound like something to do with AutoIt, unless there is a big in your code where you send the command twice for some reason.


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