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I have been searching the internet for more time than I thought would be necessary in order to figure out the syntax for Mouse Clicking with more buttons than just left, right, middle.

I want to ControlSend or ControlClick Mouse Button 5 if at all possible. I saw somewhere that button 5 is X2 but this does not work...

While 1
   ControlClick($hWnd, "", "","X2")


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Hi @kjpolker.

I'm not sure if something already made in AutoIt is available.

If not, then SendInput seems to be one solution, with the INPUT structure containing the MOUSEINPUT structure.

It supports XBUTTON1 and XBUTTON2.

You may have luck with window messages, but if not, the suggestion above would be a better shot. Here's a answer from stackoverflow : Simulate mouse click for side buttons


Anyway, i hope some of this is helpful to you.

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