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How do I create a button ButtonBar that does not take focus.

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I am designing a new Button bar.

I need to be able to click on the buttons  and not have the focus shift and break the current action in the other windows.

 What I am pressing on is a button that is painted with a bitmap  , and the function is executed by a MsgLoop catching the

ctrlID msg.  I am thinking that  a mouse position scan and box mapping of the mouse position could work in

place of the button click , but that still does not solve the focus shift problem.  If anyone has a good idea I would sure appreciate the

help on this one.


How about that?

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@Tyranna you obviously did not read the forum rules to which you were pointed, specifically the part about not recreating a post that was previously locked. You are not going to get any help with game automation, period. Do not post this type of question again.

And from Lansing, no less! Would hate to have to boot a local for being a botter :)

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