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Has anyone already worked on a WSS UDF yet? I'm interested in making a project involving WSS with the ASYNC autoit library like ratchetphp / Pawl in PHP. (using reactphp)

ASYNC is a must, and obviously WSS. the problem with some libraries i've worked with in PHP are mainly issues with handshakes like improper peer name validation (for multi level certs)

relevant links: https://tools.ietf.org/rfc/rfc6455.txt



/e i should note i'm not looking for hybrid workarounds, i want to do this in autoit alone. (no javascript)

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    • By Danp2
      This is a continuation of this prior discussion. I have been trying to find a reliable way to interact with websockets using AutoIt, which will be a requirement for WebDriver BiDi. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution that is acceptable to me --
      Initially I tried with @FireFox's code, which I modified / shared on  Github.  This worked fine until I realized that calls to _WinHttpWebSocketReceive wouldn't return until something was received. While researching, I found other instances where others ran into the same issue with the WinHttpWebSocketReceive function.
        Next I tried using iola, which is a command-line socket client with REST API. This worked ok, but was complicated by having to read the console output. Also, there wasn't any way to empty the queue of messages AFAICS.
         My current implementation uses websocat. Again, this works ok, but it lacks the ability to easily detect a failed websocket connection, etc. Alternatives to consider --
      DotNet / CLR I found this C# code, but could never get it to run using AutoIt I found this VB.net code, but haven't tried to run it yet.
        Powershell - Found this code, but I haven't tried running yet
        Windows WebSocket Protocol Component API
        I'm sure that Chilkat would work, but I'm hoping for a FOSS solution
        <Insert your alternative here>
      Thanks for reading if you've made it this far. I am requesting input / suggestions on how we can obtain a reliable, working websocket implementation for AutoIt.
    • By adityaparakh
      Hello ,
      I am trying to use Websockets in AutoIt.
      It is to fetch live stock market prices , API is provided and documentation available for python language.
      The link for the code snippet is :
      Second Link is to subscribe to a list of ExchangeInstruments.
      Now I would like to get live stock ltp (LastTradedPrice) for a few stocks whose "ExchangeInstrumentID" I know.
      I am able to use the WinHttp object to perform actions using simple codes like below :
      I have the secretKey and appkey and can generate the needed token. And get the unique ExchangeInstrumentID.

      Below code is just for example of how I am using WinHttp. Unrelated to socket part.
      Global $InteractiveAPItoken = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\Config.ini", "token", "InteractiveAPItoken", "NA") $baseurl = "https://brokerlink.com/interactive/" $functionurl = "orders" $oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1") $oHTTP.Open("POST", $baseurl & $functionurl, False) $oHTTP.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json;charset=UTF-8") $oHTTP.SetRequestHeader("authorization", $InteractiveAPItoken) $pD = '{ "exchangeSegment": "NSEFO", "exchangeInstrumentID": ' & $exchangeInstrumentID & ', "productType": "' & $producttype & '", "orderType": "MARKET", "orderSide": "' & $orderside & '", "timeInForce": "DAY", "disclosedQuantity": 0, "orderQuantity": ' & $qty & ', "limitPrice": 0, "stopPrice": 0, "orderUniqueIdentifier": "' & $orderidentifier & '"}' $oHTTP.Send($pD) $oReceived = $oHTTP.ResponseText $oStatusCode = $oHTTP.Status
      But am struggling to understand and use socket.
      Would be of great help if you can have a look at the link mentioned above and help with the code sample for AutoIt.
      To connect and listen to a socket.
      Thanks a lot
    • By myspacee
      at job we have change our old mail servers with Outlook365. We have a lot of scripts that use mail, and i must 'convert' all them to new environment.
      No problem for sending mail. Microsoft staff give us also an open SMPT server listening on port 25.
      I need help to download mail from MS. I have big troubles because can't bypass SSL/TLS wall, using command line.
      Before change, I use a wonderful Command line Pop client.  But it doesn't have SSL support.
      I don't want to reinvent the well but exist, in Autoit, the way to code a POP3 client with SSL/TLS support ?
      (maybe not using OUTLOOK udf, can't install office on our server [ I don't have so many licenses ] )
      Thank you for your time
    • By Miliardsto
      Hello what is the best way to secure autoit scripts right now?
      People say prebuild stripper in SciTE is not high secure. Other problem is if I use stripper in my program I use a lot of _Timer_SetTimer functions. After stripping timers not work.
      I seen this but now it not work
      Next thing is https://www.pelock.com
      Is it better than stripper builded in SciTE and got more secure?
      Please write me ur knowledge about how to make scripts secure. I know its hard to recieve but tell me ur thoughts
    • By AlecSadler
      Hello friends, today I am sharing a script I've been working on called secure interface module.
      It's a SSL encrypted Instant Messenger, with optional 4D Holographic Encryption. (See THIS thread for more info about DARTIS)
      To sign up for an account visit https://pdglobal.net (You will need to use a valid email)
      Script is attached, to use just extract and run SIM32.exe or SIM.au3
      Warning: There might be bugs. This is an early alpha version, if you find something that needs fixed, please fix it if you can or report it here in the thread so I can look into fixing it.
      Download: https://pdglobal.net/?pid=SIM#SIM

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