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AutoIt and WSS?

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Has anyone already worked on a WSS UDF yet? I'm interested in making a project involving WSS with the ASYNC autoit library like ratchetphp / Pawl in PHP. (using reactphp)

ASYNC is a must, and obviously WSS. the problem with some libraries i've worked with in PHP are mainly issues with handshakes like improper peer name validation (for multi level certs)

relevant links: https://tools.ietf.org/rfc/rfc6455.txt



/e i should note i'm not looking for hybrid workarounds, i want to do this in autoit alone. (no javascript)

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    • Miliardsto
      By Miliardsto
      Hello what is the best way to secure autoit scripts right now?
      People say prebuild stripper in SciTE is not high secure. Other problem is if I use stripper in my program I use a lot of _Timer_SetTimer functions. After stripping timers not work.
      I seen this but now it not work
      Next thing is https://www.pelock.com
      Is it better than stripper builded in SciTE and got more secure?
      Please write me ur knowledge about how to make scripts secure. I know its hard to recieve but tell me ur thoughts
    • AlecSadler
      By AlecSadler
      Hello friends, today I am sharing a script I've been working on called secure interface module.
      It's a SSL encrypted Instant Messenger, with optional 4D Holographic Encryption. (See THIS thread for more info about DARTIS)
      To sign up for an account visit https://pdglobal.net (You will need to use a valid email)
      Script is attached, to use just extract and run SIM32.exe or SIM.au3
      Warning: There might be bugs. This is an early alpha version, if you find something that needs fixed, please fix it if you can or report it here in the thread so I can look into fixing it.
      Download: https://pdglobal.net/?pid=SIM#SIM

    • lewisg
      By lewisg
      Any suggestions as to how to download, get, or retrieve email from Google's Gmail?  No need to send mail only receive. 
      I thought perhaps JiBE's SSL UDF might work however a reply to a post at his original post says otherwise (Didn't want to hijack his post).
      I have been using "GAM", "GYB", and "GMAIL Backup"(old), all command line inputs. Running them through a AutoIT script using RUN() and RUNWAIT() works somewhat, but has been unreliable. 
    • drego
      By drego
      You may have already seen the NetSession UDF thread. The code is really helpful for IE controls and there's no other known way to accomplish what it does. There are a few things that should be improved. The most important being able to pass proxy authentication to a proxy server using urlmon.dll or maybe some other windows API method alltogether.
      Here's our thread:  '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
      Give it a read and be sure to check out the attempt to improve by SmOke_N: page-2#entry1220599'>page-2#entry1220599
      Currently, since we have to pass proxy authentication via the URL, if the proxy requires authentication we can't access HTTPS sites with it (Apparently when using HTTPS you aren't allowed to pass auth in the URL). That's why we want to pass the auth through the DLL or any other method that will work with our embedded browser on a per-process basis.
      Thank you to anyone who can help make this UDF better.
    • Graeme
      By Graeme
      I'm trying to download a file from a secure site that doesn't allow ftp. I've been trying to use FTPS but I can't find anything about FTPS (or FTP over SSL) except one reference that was a few years ago. So I'm wondering if things have changed. I've trawled through WinHttp and FF but can't find anything.
      If anyone has some good ideas I'd love to hear from you. here is one example of what I tried, and it seemed to work at first but then there was no response at the end:(
      #include <string.au3> #include <inet.au3> #include <guiconstants.au3> #include <winhttp.au3> Dim $hw_connect, $hw_open, $h_openRequest, $LocalIP, $M $LocalIP = "https://www.example.org" $hw_open = _WinHttpOpen() $hw_connect = _WinHttpConnect($hw_open, $LocalIP) $h_openRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($hw_connect, "GET", "programname.exe") MsgBox(0,"",$hw_connect&@error) $M = _WinHttpSetCredentials($h_openRequest, $WINHTTP_AUTH_TARGET_SERVER, $WINHTTP_AUTH_SCHEME_BASIC, "username", "password") MsgBox(0,"",$M) $M= _WinHttpSendRequest($h_openRequest) MsgBox(0,"",$M) $M= _WinHttpReceiveResponse($h_openRequest) MsgBox(0,"",$M& " " &@error)

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