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Need to know if .exe. is running, but it doesnt have a window...

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I need to know when javaw.exe is running and when it stops, but its not an actual window. How can I do that?

I ended up doing it with vbscript, but if anyone knows how to accomplish this with autoit2, please let me know!
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You should have a look at AU2's follow up. AutoIT3.

I guess it provides a Process command.

If forced to stay with AU2 for any reason, check out PsList from www.sysinternals.com which could be called (Run) from within your script.

If you are used to AU2 syntax but not willing to swap to AutoIT3, you could check out AutoHotkey, as it provides the Process command as well.

Happy scripting. :P

Btw: it should be possiple to use msbackup.exe (DOS) on W98. It provides command line switches.

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