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Web design meets SEO

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When I make websites for my project, I generally ignore the whole "SEO" part... there would be no need to give it special attention when you are using a good and responsive website framework.

In my view, we shouldn't make websites more "search engine friendly". The search engines are supposed to improve... that is what most search engines do anyway, they encourage you to focus on the content, not the SEO.

In a nutshell: If you have original content, ignore SEO. If you really want your website to be on the 1st page then fill your website with long and "SEO" friendly text which annoys users :D

A cross-platform implementation of the AutoIt language

My contributions to the AutoIt Community ##AutoIt at freenode, real-time chat



If I have hurt or offended you in anyway, Please accept my apologies, I never (regardless of the situation) intend to do that to anybody.

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