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auto-typing script

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I'm trying to make a script where every 20 minutes the script automatically presses a button (T) and then types something in. 

I'm very new to scripting and would like some help with this!

P.S. (I need the script to go on forever)

Thanks -reiwnds

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Moved to the appropriate forum as the Developer Forum very clearly states:


Do not create AutoIt-related topics here, use the AutoIt General Help and Support

@reiwnds welcome to the forum. We follow a "Teach a man to fish" motto here, rather than just writing the script for people. How you approach this script (Send vs. ControlSend vs. ClipGet vs. a dozen other ways) really depends on where you're putting the data. And if it is something that needs to go on forever, then there may be an even easier way to accomplish what you're after. It would help if you could provide more information such as:

  • What is the application? Is it a desktop app, web app, UWP, etc.
  • Are you simply sending the button to the window, or a specific field within the window? How about a screenshot?

Once you answer these questions, expect the community to offer suggestions, which you can go and try yourself. We do not typically just hand you a fully written script (you would never get past the "very new to scripting" phase if we did that) :)


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