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Hey Guys,

Just to get started, I am an embedded systems developer WHO happens to like Autoit for mundane tasks on Windows when I have any. I've also written stupid simple scripts for my Wife/Dad/Friends. 

I remembered I once used ImageSearch, it was working OK, but then it vanished, harder to find, and every topic I find, we have some RELIGIOUS people "omg, no you're going to use it for bots".

Why are you guys like that? Automation is automation, THATS IT. When trying to restrict the automation you guys are just being, dumb, and well, religious. I just want to say that its, really stupid. A guy is not going to use Autoit to write the most evil of all scripts, a ransomware or a commercial bot, and if he wants, whatever. FFS we have Detours for that and tons of decompilers and other methods we can inject our code, thats not the issue. And what if the guy WANTS to automate a game and he doesn't have the knowledge to code closer to the metal (ASM/C) ? He should give up, because you guys are going to act like fanatics and just behave like idiots. 

We have a lot of scripters here, no problem, some of them might like it and then move on and work with it, I know people who started with autoit and now are full-stack developers on various areas. We also have real programmers here (people like me, who program for a living), what do you guys think about it? The same? the same religious approach? Is this enforced by the owners/devs of Autoit? The mods? 

Even Sysinternals offer a lot of stuff to automate, decrypt, reverse-engineer etc. Sorry I just can't understand the point. I know I won't change anything, but I will say (and might be banned for that) - THIS BEHAVIOUR IS STUPID AND GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT PROGRAMMING STANDS FOR.

The most commercially successful bot on planet earth was WoW's Honorbuddy (We are talking millions). Developed in C#. If you go on Stackoverflow or whatever, you'll see the dlls and everything they used to code it being used for other applications also. 

Where did that stupid behaviour come from, and why?


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For mods/admins

No I am not a recurring user creating various accounts, I was never banned before, I just didn't had an account, browsed the forum without having one, and if I ever had one I don't remember the password. I was just searching for Imagesearch to do something Python was failing to do, but looks like I will have to write a Chrome Plugin or do it via Raw TCP, or maybe use Fiddler, and YEAH IT IS NOT EVEN A GAME BOT, ITS A FORM TO TEST A WEBSITE I AM TRYING BENCHMARK (MY WEBSITE).

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You what reminds of religious people, walking up into somebody else's establishment and telling them how they are wrong for their beliefs and behavior.

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@CruelMemories it boils down, quite simply to what we want the reputation of the language to be. Every time some stupid silly person uses the language to cheat at video games, it ends up causing a nightmare for those who use the language in the adult world. And, in the end, the rules are determined by Jon and anyone wanting to be a part of the forum follows them.

As for banning you, I see no reason to do that. Plenty of people on here have strong opinions one way or another on this and many other subjects. In the end though, none of those opinions matter when compared to what the owner of the language wants. I am, however, going to lock this thread - you've said what you wanted, hope you feel better, but this has been discussed numerous times already. You are right about one thing, it isn't going to change anything - the opposite of the no tolerance rule has been tried and proved disastrous.

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