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need Suggestions

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I am right now in process to convince my company to use autoit for test automation but couple of question raised are

  •  when autoit plan for next release as last release was in 2015  
  • how to use autoit for mobile app testing? if anyone can give me some idea
  • can we use it for Win 10 applications

Any thoughts pls?

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  • Search the forum and you will find this has been discussed too many times to count. In essence, major releases come when the owner has time to work on development and deems there is a need for it. In the interim, the language continues to evolve with the addition/refinement of UDFs.
  • "Mobile App Testing" is a pretty broad target, you'll need to narrow it down. AutoIt works with the Windows API, so if you're looking for app testing on Android, while there are some folks doing workarounds, AutoIt isn't going to be the best tool.
  • Yes
    • as with the previous questions, if you would like more info you on this one need to clarify just what you're looking for.

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