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WinSetTitle Text color

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Hi Everybody,

I can not find out how to change or set the text color for WinSetTitle. The title of the window I want to change is in
dark grey and the command WinSetTitle writes in white.
Is there a way to set the color before the command?

Thanks for any advice/help


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I have had some time playing with UIs, not as much as others like UEZ iirc but what I know NOW leads me to believe that there is no convenient method for this, not even with some nifty UI UDF here (unless you count metro udf) and the easiest way about it is to use something like the metro UDF and design your own UI using GDIplus or use some HTML/CSS rendering system for this.


I'm not a pro but iirc AutoIt's GUI stuff uses windows API which is very limited in speed and ability so it is best to tackle this with another language.

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