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How to confirm if AutoIT is working properly? Having errors.

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The various AutoIt programs in my start menu will turn on - without any errors... I have no experience or interest in using it to program anything and there seem to be no ways built in to test functionality without creating something from scratch or downloading something someone has created.  I have one program that I've used for a few years without problems -- that recently started relying on AutoIt (program is called Mybot)   Ever since version 7 where they relied on AutoIt I have been unable to use that program.    I have errors any time I attempt to open that program - all errors are AutoIt related.

Yes I am seeking support from that forum; but I don't believe a solution will be found.  I'm currently under the belief that my PC is missing some required component or DLL that the AutoIt program relies upon - so I think AutoIt is broken, handicapped - non functional.


I have completely removed and reinstalled the latest version 3 multiple times/ complete with registry cleaning in between each attempt and restarting my pc.

I have no other software that uses AutoIt- no idea who else makes any software that relys on it nd no clue how to test if it is functional.

Can anyone suggest any steps I can take to troubleshoot where my problem lies? -- if I can prove that AutoIt works then I am sure that the problem lies in Mybot.

If I can prove that AutoIt is damaged or that my computer is missing something that is needed to make it work - then I know that AutoIt is the problem.

It seems this support website is 100% based on programming tips and advice; I dont see anyone asking for general support in how to USE something... Just how to MAKE things...   I hope someone has a suggestion here.





I don't expect troubleshooting help on someone else s program -- but for information sake, here is the post on the mybot forum

examples of some of the errors I see:

 AutoIt Error

Line 43509

Error Expected a "=" operator in assignment statement



Line 32857

Error: Variable must be of type "Object"

Thanks for any tips;
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Welcome to the AutoIt forum. :)

So you seriously think that Autoit3 is broken? 
I see you have posted in the appropriate place where this question belongs as this clearly is a coding issue.

On top of that:

Unfortunately you appear to have missed the Forum rules on your way in. (there is also a link in my signature) 
Please read them now particularly the bit about not discussing game automation - and then you will understand why you will get no help and this thread will now be locked. :naughty:

See you soon with a legitimate question I hope. :)



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