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passing file pointer to c dll in dllcall

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in calls to winapi file handle passes as HANDLE and all ok.

but in plain C it may be FILE*


RHASH_API void rhash_run_benchmark(unsigned hash_id, unsigned flags,
                   FILE* output);

calls like

  Local $aResult = DllCall("librhash.dll", "none:cdecl", "rhash_run_benchmark", _
    "uint", $hash_id, _
    "uint", $flags, _
    "handle", $output)


(i try handle, handle*, ptr, ptr*, hwnd, hwnd*, ....)

may be someone know solution ?

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the solution is modify source c dll code (write wrapper c func)

like this

void rhash_run_benchmark_mod(unsigned hash_id, unsigned flags, const char* output)
    FILE* f = fopen(output, "wb");
    rhash_run_benchmark(hash_id, flags, f);

not the case if no source code for dll :)

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