Detect file dropped into application window (not AutoIt GUI)?

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Is it possible for AutoIt to detect when a file is dropped into another application's window (I'm not asking about a GUI created by AutoIt itself, but a third-party application)? I use a compiled AutoIt script to launch SheepShaver (the old Mac OS 8-9 emulator) and I keep the script running in the system tray for various purposes. It would be nice if the script could detect a file dropped into the app window, and then copy that file into a folder where the emulator could access it.

Is this remotely possible? I tend to doubt it, but AutoIt can do many amazing things, so I thought I would ask.

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I was hoping it might be possible to combine these methods, but I haven't been able to make them work:


 and this:

I won't anyone's time with my failed efforts to put these two together.

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