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I've been trying to step through the elements of a listbox using a treewalker but have had no success. The GetFirstChildElement succeeds  and returns the first element, but when I issue the GetNextSibling call, the program faults.

Does someone have an working example ?

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I think I found my problem. and I have succeeded in getting at least once call to GetNextSibling to work.  My code had an already had an element interface object lying around (from ObjCreateInterface) when I called GetNextSibling in the treewalker object using the element id from GetFirstElement.  I seems that trying to create a second element interface object from the same element id, gets things screwed up, and I believe that passing an element id to and uiiautomation function does an implicit create interface.

Changing my code to pass the first interface object to GetNextSibling seemed to work.

I'll experiment some more.

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