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Associate Wks to "wks group" in NDS (ConsoleOne)

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Does anyone have or know of a script to assositate workstations to a "Workstation Group" in NDS?

I have 280 workstations to associate! :P

Is there a DOS Command hanging around somewhere..?? If anyone has had to do this, you know my pain.

Change your Workstation Import Policy to add new workstations to a WS Group and re-register with ZWSREG.EXE, which is part of the ZEN agent.

zwsreg.exe -importserver -unreg

zwsreg.exe -importserver -importpolicy "AWS_Policy_Name:General:Workstation Import.OU2_Name.OU1_Name.Your_O_Name"

Don't know 100% if unregister and re-register will actually do the group add, but it should. If it doesn't you've have to make a new Workstation Import Policy and use it to re-register to instead, then make it the default AWI policy after all is done. BTW, a Workstation Import policy doesn't have to be associated with a server, it could be created just for purposes like the above...

P.S. This is in the AutoIt forum why?

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Thanks for your input and ideas. I'll give it a try when I get back to work.

P.S. This is in the AutoIt forum why?

This is here because I want to automate this process using AutoIt. Using the utility found here: http://www.jrbsoftware.com/06utils/utils6.htm#Wgrpadd, I can write a GUI to pull all Workstation Groups to a ComboBox using "nlist.exe". Then after compliling a list in a file of workstations that need to be put in that group, I'll use the "filereadline" to shell a command to put workstations in a Workstation Group. Thus automating the process... :P

Hence this question:

Does anyone have or know of a script to associate workstations to a "Workstation Group" in NDS?

As they say here, "Cheers!"

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